The Dos of Meal Planning

meal prep

“Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to live.” –*Jim Rohn
I’ve been hearing a lot lately about meal preparation; you know, preparing your meals ahead of time for the days or week to come.

So I did some research to see exactly what food prepping consisted of, what tools would be needed, and what benefits contributed to early meal preparation. Lets get started…


1. Plan your meals. It is recommended that you eat 5 to 6 small, healthy meals/day. If you’re into clean eating–eating foods that are close to there natural state–(or would like to get started on that path), you want to start by limiting your intake of artificial and processed foods.

   Note: By eating smaller healthier meals, you will boost your energy levels, increase muscle growth and speed up your  metabolism.  So the goal is to eat Breakfast, a Snack, Lunch, a Snack, Dinner, and a Snack. Simple! Right?

2. Make a grocery list of items you’ll need for the week. You may already have some of those items available in your home so double check before adding them to the list.
Clean eaters your list should include:
   a. Complex Carbohydrates (such as, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, whole grain breads and pasta, nuts seeds, and low-fat dairy products),
   b. Proteins (such as, poultry, seafood, lean cuts of beef and pork, beans, eggs, nuts and seeds) , and
   c. Fats (such as, cheese, eggs, peanut butter, nuts, and oils)

3. Pick a time to prepare your meals.  You can prepare your meals either 3 days in advance or for the entire week.  If you’re preparing meals for the week, you may want to consider freezing some of them to minimize bacteria build up.

Tools Needed:

Storage bowls or containers (single or the ones with dividers), measuring cups, and sandwich bags for storing snacks, and housing foods prepped for smoothies, etc.

The Benefits are that you will:
  • Save Time: If you plan your meals in advance, then you’ll have more time for family as well as a little more quiet time throughout the week.
  • Save Money: Prepping in advance eliminates the need to run to the store for a missing ingredient. This saves the cost you would spend in gas as well as the cost of picking up other “needed” items as you browse the store. (My moms motto when we were growing up was what’s in the house is what you eat.)
  • Maintain or Lose Weight: By pre-planning meals, you’ll only eat the nutritious meal you planned as opposed to turning to an unhealthy alternative because you had not planned in advance.
  • Become more Health Conscious: Because you’re thinking about your meals and preparing in advance, you’ll make an effort to prepare meals that are conducive to the well being of you and your household.
  • Gain Family Time: Get your family involved. Kids are more apt to eat something new if they’ve had a hand in preparing it. So make it fun! The great news is this is a time where you and your family can bond, make memories/family traditions, and  hang out over some good food.

So with all the benefits of advance meal preparation, who wouldn’t want to try it? I’m certainly going to!

For all of you food prep enthusiast out there, please let us newbies know how it has been.

FYI: If you’re unable to purchase organic, don’t let this deter you from starting a healthier lifestyle. Start where you are and with what you can do. Also you should prep along the lines of what’s best for you and your family’s lifestyle. This is just a general outline to get you started.

Here’s To Your Health!!!
Stephanie B. Davis

Certified Natural Health Professional
*Jim Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker.

**Disclaimer: Please pray and ask God for direction and always consult a doctor before starting any new regimen.**

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6 thoughts on “The Dos of Meal Planning

  1. beahealthieru

    You are dead, this is what I believe and have put into practice for years and it works. I promote this way of eating.

  2. beahealthieru

    Reblogged this on The Wellness Zone and commented:
    Planning your meals in advance allows for making better food choices. When you plan you are not just throwing things together to make a meal, you are making a meal with purpose.

    All I ask is that you take the time to think about your health & wellness seriously because, if you take care of it, it will take care of you for “Your Health Is Your Wealth”. Your health must be a priority in your life so that you can live a full, happy, healthy and wealthy life TODAY!

    I am Cee Cee Caldwell-Miller AKA “The Wellness Architect” Kingdom Wellness Ambassador and Holistic Practitioner

    Remember that:“Your Health is Your Wealth” and it is about time you put your self first because, Self- Care is far better than Health-Care.

    Here’s to our Journey to Wellness!

    I am your Wellness Partner, Ready and waiting to SERVE!!

  3. beahealthieru

    I meant to say dead right!!!!

    • Hello Cee Cee,

      Thank you for your testament of food prepping. I’m really excited about starting this journey.

      Also, thank you for the reblog. I really do appreciate it.

  4. HisHeartLyrics

    Hello Stephanie. I didn’t realize that something so insignificant,or so I thought, could have such an impact on my life! Thanks for the info.

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