#Prosperity Mindset


Well Surrender Fasters it’s Week 6 of Surrender Fast 2014 and we are on the last leg of this race. What a mighty time we have had, but it’s not over; God has one last purging to do.

All Cycle long we’ve focused on changing our minds in order to walk into our New Beginning. So this week will be no different. God is instructing us to exchange a poverty mindset for one of prosperity.

Both the poverty and prosperity mindsets are ways of thinking. The poverty mindset is rooted in fear and lack, while a prosperity mindset is rooted in love and abundance.

It’s evident that one is living from a poverty perspective when you hear phrases like this coming from their mouth:

  • “I work so hard, but still can’t make ends meet.”
  • “If the economy would turn around, I might have a chance,”
  • “I never get anything the easy way.”
  • “If I ever have extra, I’ll be the first to give back and live generously.”


There is nothing poor about you. In fact there is a King in you and with Him you win!

Here’s the key. You have to be fully dependent on God as your source even when your circumstances indicate you are lacking. Has there ever been a time that God said to you give that person $20. and instead of obedience to Him you rationalize why giving your last $20. doesn’t make good sense. Sure it doesn’t make good human sense but in God’s economy it all makes sense.

So for our last week together we are going learn to embrace a prosperity mindset in our wealth, health, and relationships.

We’ll discuss this on our Morning Prayer Calls (I shared a story today of how God is purging me of a Poverty Mindset). If you missed today’s call you can listen to the recording HERE.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

P.S. Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries has an updated look. Check out the New Beginnings Website! CLICK HERE TO VIEW

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2 thoughts on “#Prosperity Mindset

  1. I can’t quite figure out why as soon as I read this post I was overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry. This is going to do a MIGHTY POWERFUL week for me I can tell already.

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