Ordinary is Tempting Until You Win a Dance Contest


I’m the weird family member who doesn’t eat meat and watches her sugar. In my presence they all make excuses for their food choices.

I don’t want to be the food police.

In fact, there are times that I wish I was an ordinary eat-like-the-rest-of-the-world-individual. Quiet as it’s kept, I know that Buffalo wings are tasty and that cheesecake could wash away every care (at least for about 15 minutes, lol).

To be honest, on occasion I contemplate throwing this whole clean eating agenda out the window.

That’s until I won the dance contest.

Well I am overstating the truth a bit. I did win, but it wasn’t a contest.

I am the eldest of 8. The day after Thanksgiving my siblings, parents, nieces and nephews were sitting in my parent’s living room. My sister turned on Tye Tribbett’s He Turned It and it was on. All the kids jumped up to dance and the adults jumped up with them. We didn’t dance the full 2 hours straight (yes, this turned into a marathon) but guess who did the most dancing? ME!

At one point my sister Stephanie (who writes our Health Segment on Thursdays) said, “Celeste you have the most energy of all they adults.”

That statement energized me. In that moment I was able to fully appreciate the fruit of my labor. All these years of sacrificing were paying off. I HAVE ENERGY! And more than my younger siblings. Age ain’t nothing but a number when you eat clean.

So to all my clean eaters. Don’t give up. All the hard work and sacrifice is well worth it. Keep up the good work!

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

P.S. AJ and I will welcome you to his first booksigning on Saturday, Dec. 6. Hope to see you there!


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2 thoughts on “Ordinary is Tempting Until You Win a Dance Contest

  1. Rejoicing with you that the fruit of self-control is matured in your wonderfully blessed life! Keep dancing in the reign (“rain”) of God’s power and grace! I am dancing in that reign (rain) with you! Blessings for a successful event with A.J.!
    I will be ministering in Peru during that time😇Hugs!

    • Yes Gayle I met a man named “Reggie” in the bookstore last night who was purchasing the Surrender Fast to take with him to Peru. Have a blessed time. Can’t wait to take the Surrender Fast there myself! 🙂 Let it rain!

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