Listen with the Heart

I remind myself every morning:
Nothing I say this day will 
teach me anything. So if I’m
going to learn, I must do it
by listening
Larry King
Imagine giving someone your complete, undivided attention — without dazing out or looking disinterested — where you listen with your heart and not with your thoughts or feelings. What would that look like and why is it important?
Well everyone, from the most self involved to the most meek, wants to be heard and understood.

James 1:19(Amp) reads, “Understand (this), my beloved brethren. Let every man be quick to hear (a ready listener), slow to speak, slow to take offense and to get angry.”

If we could really grasp what the scripture is saying, and take ourselves out of the equation and really just listen to someone else, we’d probably eliminate being offended and angry.Believe me when I say, it is truly a blessing to be able to speak and express ourselves, but it is even more beneficial to sit back and just listen.

If you have mastered this unique skill set, then you possess some advantages that some of us may not be aware of. But for those who have not Lets Explore in five steps:

1. When you listen wholeheartedly to someone else, you show them that you really care about what they have to say and in return you gain their Respect.

2. Conscious listening helps you get a better understanding of someone elses likes and dislikes. You get to know them better, and you gather more Information about ones character.

Note: Have you ever thought about the people you may know and realize that you really don’t know anything detailed or personal about them? And I’m not talking surface stuff.

3. We may not always express this statement, but people like people who listen. When you listen to others, you Increase Your Likability. Also, when you listen to other people, you may find that you like them even more.

Note: Have you ever come into contact with someone and thought “they’re just not my cup of tea.” and then you sit down and listen to them and discover that you have a lot in common.

4. Listening to others allows you to develop an intimate and more meaningful relationship. A bond that’s not easily broken. You develop Better Relationships when you listen. And you create a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere for the one who wishes to share.

5. Being prayerful while listening to others, will give you Greater Clarity, and help you get a clear understanding of where that individual is coming from. When you pray, you allow God to speak through you and directly to that individuals heart, where there will be no misunderstanding or confusion of what is being said.

Remember, to become good at something, you must acknowledge God and put it into practice and with so many adults and children feeling that they’re not be heard today, you should be able to get started right away.

Here’s To Your Health!!!

Stephanie B. Davis
Certified Natural Health Professional

**Disclaimer: Please pray and ask God for direction and always consult a doctor before starting any new regimen.**

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