A One On One With God

Happy Thursday!!!

About two days ago I was sitting on my bed and my husband came into the room and asked did I know how exciting it is to know that we have access to God at anytime we desire?

As he begin to expound upon that question I could feel the excitement building in my spirit.

Like me, sometimes in your walk with God you may come to a place of familiarity, where everything becomes habitual. You know…upon waking you thank God for another day (if you remember), and go about business as usual. Sometimes your day may include attending church or doing some other Christian ritual. You eat in between and start it all over again.

Then along comes a song, a word, or in my case a question and instantly my interest is peaked. What?! I have access to God at anytime?!

Of course I should know that. I know that. Don’t you know that? I ask myself.

It’s amazing how you can read your Word and say your prayers and still not truly believe the one thing that you tell yourself all the time…God is Real!

I know He’s real. I know I can talk to Him about any and everything at any time. I was basically born knowing about God; my mother was carrying me when she received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

And from toddler hood I was attending Sunday School, Sunday morning, afternoon and evening services. Not to mention weekday services. So yeah I know Him. Don’t I?

I accepted Christ at 19. I can quote numerous scriptures and I even know where they’re found. So of course I know God.

Then it dawns on me and I ask, Do I really know you God?

I thought I knew You, but do I really know You outside of what I was taught to know about You?

Yes I talk a good game of Your realness, about You being all powerful, great, loving and kind, and how You have control over everything in my life.

But as soon as something goes not according to my plans, I can’t take it. I actually lose it for a minute and begin to question everything about You.

God do you see what’s happening?God can you hear me?

God will you help me?

God do you care?



Psst! It’s not when you ask all the questions that gets you the answers. It’s in your silence. When your flesh or the human side of you has settled down and now your spirit, the essence of who you are is able to hear Him clearly.

It’s in that moment that you experience just how real God is.

God is calling you. He’s inviting you to get to know Him in a real way. Not the way that your grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, sisters or brothers knew or know Him. But in a way that allows you to experience Him in a deeper, more meaningful way.
So, do you want to take a journey with the Creator? Are you up for the challenge? Do you want to know that there is more to Him then what you’ve been taught? Then accept His invitation, open the door, and get to know Him in a very real way.

Here’s To Your Spiritual Health!!!

Stephanie B. Davis

Certified Natural Health Professional
Administrative Assistant for Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries
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4 thoughts on “A One On One With God

  1. Thanks sooo much for sharing.. God bless you

  2. Franklin

    This brought tears to my eyes. Wow!

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