Do Not Be Afraid?

Happy Thursday!!!

Whew! I must admit that I’ve been dealing with something that seems so overwhelming for a long time now. I can’t seem to shake it. I’m not even sure if I’ve tried. I think I’ve just grown to except it for the time being.

Wanna know what that thing is? I’ll tell you………… FEAR!!!

I know that I shouldn’t capitalize it, but believe me that’s just how big it feels. I know the saying that fear is nothing but…

But sometimes when you’re caught in between fear and what seems to be true to you, the evidence doesn’t look so false. However, if you are living in this world, then I truly believe that God has called you to a purpose that He has destined for your life.

Now, for some of you it may be nothing to hear from God and keep it moving; but for those of you who are like myself, it can feel downright terrifying.

Even now I’m having the hardest time blogging about this.

Have you ever taken a deep look at what your qualities and strengths are, and you get the feeling that in some capacity those strengths are the things that will catapult you into your destiny? Then you get a big wake up call and realize that the area that God wants to use you in is the one in which you have minimum to no strengths to fall on. I mean to just be straight forward about it, you feel totally disqualified and inadequate for the job.

I know I do. I’ve been feeling so disqualified for the past few years, that I’ve been on the run and I’ve just tried desperately to attach myself to everyone else’s dream and purpose.

Up until yesterday I had truly become content with being the Batgirl, not even Robin, to all the Batman’s in the world. (The Simple Life.) I just wanted to feel like I was doing something, in order not to seem like I was doing nothing at all.

But yesterday as I was trying to present my case once again about why It’s possible that I may have heard God wrong regarding my purpose, it came to me that…

So although I believe that He has given me grace to work in other areas of my life, there’s still that one ultimate goal that He wants to fulfill through me.

And no sacrifice will suffice.

My son who has recently turned 4, has developed a case of the fears. He’s just about scared of everything. Anytime he’s feeling scared, my husband and I will tell him to quote the scripture that my husband taught him.

Now how can I expect him to believe what he is quoting when I should be walking out the word for him everyday. You may be thinking what I was thinking, “He’s just a little boy, so he probably doesn’t understand.” But today while I was talking to him, he interrupts and says “shhhh.” And he begins to pray, and at the end of his prayer he says what he always says, “bless me not to be scared.” And then he pauses, and he says “and bless mommy not to be scared in Jesus name amen.” Wow!!! I just stare at him for a while and then I thank him for the prayer.
A quote from Mahatma Gandhi says:

And for me, the world begins with my family. So if I want to see change in his life, he needs to see a change in mines. I’m realizing as I’m sitting hear that, I can’t afford to be afraid, if I’m to raise a  FEARLESS  and godly son.

Are you wanting fear to take a backseat, so that God’s plans can be revealed in your life and the life of your family’s? Well lets take this journey together. We declare we are surrendering the fear today and boldly fulfilling the call on us.

Here’s To Your Spiritual Health!!!!

Stephanie B. Davis
Certified Natural Health Professional
Administrative Assistant for Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries
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2 thoughts on “Do Not Be Afraid?

  1. joybriscoe

    Yayyyy, I’m so glad to hear this and NEEDED it for myself!! Just when I think I’ve conquered fear it shows up somewhere else, Yikes!! Thank you so much for your transparency!!!!

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