Communication Is Key!


Good News Thursday!!!

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  1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news.
  2. means of connection between people or places in particular.

Communication is a language that we try to convey each day.

Many of us have something to say but may not know exactly how to say it, when to say it, or why we’re saying it.

And because of that, misunderstandings can occur without us even realizing our error.

Everyone wants to be understood. Everyone wants to be heard.

It can be through a soft word, a loud screaming word, an action or a look.

The way we choose to communicate can either build or tear someone down.

Despite what you may think there is a time and a place to communicate.

And how do you know when the right time is?

Well  first….


It’s so easy to just say what you want the way it comes to you. But that normally leads to a bigger blow up that you may not have foreseen.

If you acknowledge the Lord, than you are guaranteed to speak in a time and a way that will bring peace. It will also allow the one receiving the information to process it in a way that is not hostile or offensive.

I admit that it’s not always easy to wait on the leading of God, but from past experiences I can say that doing it His way allowed things to come together faster.

If you think in this manner, than when you approach someone you will be able to say “will what I’m about to say be pleasing or displeasing to the Lord?”

If the answer is displeasing, than it will be up to you to trust the Lord and walk away.

Remember, even though it may be hard to walk away, It may be even harder to humble yourself and go and ask for forgiveness after having one of those “I’m just speaking my mind sessions.”

I know God is never pleased with that. Been there, done that.

Sometimes it’s even good to write out or talk out what you’re about to say. Have you ever been about to send someone a text and read it back to yourself and thought that doesn’t sound right?

Well that’s the same thing you should consider before opening your mouth. A lot of times if we would only take the time to speak in private what we’re about to say out loud, it would remain exactly that…….private.

Rule of Thumb…..



You decide…..

Here’s To Your Spiritual Health!!!

Stephanie B. Davis
Certified Natural Health Professional
Social Media and Marketing Director for Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries
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