Judge You’re Not!

Happy Thursday!!!

To listen to this weeks song for meditation, Click on Unchurched by Todd Dulaney

Why is it that we’re so quick to judge others.

Are we naturally conditioned to do so due to our religious backgrounds or home upbringing?

Why is it so easy to find the bad vs. the good in others?

Is it due to our own insecurities that keep us from uplifting others?

I personally think that it could be a little of all the above.

I also believe that due to us not knowing fully the magnitude of God’s love toward us it’s easy for us to believe that God himself couldn’t be completely nonjudgmental.

Look for yourself. When you do something that you believe is not pleasing to God, you’ll look for bad to happen or you’ll look not to be blessed.

To go a little further, when you see someone do something that you believe is not pleasing to God, you then may have those same feelings towards them.

But why should one have those feelings about oneself or about others, when The Word of God clearly states………

Which means that way we judge is the way we can automatically expect to get judged.

If we judge harshly or judge at all, then we should not look to receive a lot if any mercy at all.

But guess what? No matter what we do, we’ll always look to be granted mercy from others.

As Christians it’s our duty to restore one who has fallen, not to step on them why they’re down.

God hasn’t given us the authority to judge or condemn others.

He even said in His word that He didn’t send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. John 3:17

Jesus came so that we might have life and that more abundantly!

So, allow people to live their life. Allow people to have a personal relationship with the Father that’s not based your bias opinions and assumptions, but that’s based purely on getting to know Him and falling in love with Him and allowing Him to do whatever work He wishes to do and complete in each individual.

Each and every one of us is a work in and of itself. We have no time to be about other peoples business.

It is truly only by God’s grace that we are not consumed. (Selah!)

Here’s To Your Spiritual Health!!!

Stephanie B. Davis
Certified Natural Health Professional

Social Media and Marketing Director for Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries

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