Global Surrender Fast – Week 1

Hello Surrender Fasters,

Today is Day 1 of our Global Surrender Fast! I hope you are expecting the unexpected.

For the last eight years, we’ve had the privilege of leading others in the experience of fasting. While some things have stayed the same, some have changed.


My sister Stephanie Davis, who wrote most of what you read on this blog, passed away this summer from cancer. She LOVED posting to this blog and she LOVED the Surrender Fast. She may be gone, but her spirit lives on! I know she’s up in heaven equally excited about the work God will do in and through you in these next 40 days.

Start your day with a dose of Morning Prayer during these 40 days of surrender!

Pray with us M – Th, 7am ET and Noon on Fridays.
Dial in number: (515) 604-9783​​​​​​​
Access code: 376449
Playback number: (515) 604-9678
Theme: Back to Basics
Week One’s Focus: Basic Repentance
Prayer offered by: Min. Warren Sims
Not registered for the Surrender Fast? Go to
Lastly, I am surrendering my diet (vegan, alkaline, clean eating) and my time. There is a book I need to write and I’ve put it off long enough. Feel free to hold me accountable in both these areas.
What you are you surrendering? Comment below.
Here’s to your spiritual health!
Dr. Celeste
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6 thoughts on “Global Surrender Fast – Week 1

  1. Glory Logan-Brown

    It is different because usually give up food but this time it other things.I have had the book for months so today when I received the email o knew was God saying it was time to start the fast

    • You are absolutely correct Glory, this fast is different in that it’s not necessarily about food. What each person surrenders is different and personal to their situation. So glad you have us. It was definitely God ordained.

  2. Wendy white

    I am Surrendering television other than the word net. and all unhealthy food ( because I weigh 354 and I have been a fast food junky) . I just ordered my book and as soon as I get more money I am lead to get one for my daughter and as I write this for my sister.

    • I am excited you found the Surrender Fast! As you surrender TV watch how much more the Lord will reveal. This is just the beginning. Can’t wait to hear how you are changed through this process. Also, thank for your willingness to share this book with your family members.

  3. Katha Gantt

    Greetings Dr. Celeste!

    I have has your book and fasting journal since 02/20. I am in the midst of a 21 day fast which ends on the 22nd of April. While sorting out my books to donate, I came across your books and I know that they are for such a time as this! I have invited several people to go on this Surrender Fast with me. Could you please advise me how to go about this fast with several people. I am still praying about it but if you could provide wise counsel I would greatly appreciate it! We are planning to start the fast on May 2nd, 2020 God willing.
    Sweet Blessings to you and your family…God bless you and give you what you need to continue blessing others!

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