This blog is dedicated helping you achieve holistic success in every area of your life through the process of surrender. When you give it all to God, He gives back to you. The word tells us to “seek you first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” If you want REAL success you must surrender your plans and accept God’s. And we are here to help!

These are this Blog’s categories (which you can find mid way down the right hand margin): Cycle 1, Cycle 2, Cycle 3, and Cycle 4 of the Surrender Fast. There is also The Health Segment by Stephanie Davis (Yes, you have to surrender your diet also).

Each Cycle of the Surrender Fast is a time of corporate prayer and fasting with believers from across the country. It’s also a time for you to experience God in a new way, transition smoothly to your next season, and to rid yourself of every hindrance that keeps you from receiving God’s best.

Every week a new group of fasters are joining the Surrender Movement. Will you be next?

Required Reading: The 40-Day Surrender Fast: The guide for releasing your plan, renewing your mind, and restoring your life, by Dr. Celeste Owens.

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. Iris

    This is the first fast that I have participated in over twenty years. I am so looking forward to the blessings that I will receive.

    • Iris, I am so excited for you! You are going to come to know God is a new way. Approach each day expecting to learn more of Him.

  2. Cherie

    I was a part of Cycle 3 that just finished, and I’m so grateful and thankful to have participated! I surrendered TV watching and replaced that time with scripture and devotional reading and prayer. I was (and still am) DESPERATE to hear from God, to know His will, because I’ve felt like I’ve been flailing along, stuck in a rut, disappointed, and frustrated with doing things under my own power, instead of really REALLY hearing from God. I felt like God was silent. I realized that He wasn’t silent; I was drowning out His voice with the “noise” of mindless TV watching and not focusing on reading and learning His Word. I feel BLESSED and just wanted to THANK YOU for leading us through this fast. I have found that I want to continue my “routine” of prayer/reading/scripture/meditation and continue surrendering EVERYTHING to Him. Now I go straight to The Word when negative thoughts creep in and discouragement knocks on my door (instead of wallowing in discouragement). I want to keep surrendering and fasting! I now feel like surrendering a LONG LIST of things/behaviors: mindless shopping/spending, bad foods, lack of sleep, envy, and most of all, people-pleasing. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew! But I feel like this fast CHANGED ME, and I’m so grateful. I look forward to the next cycle this December!

    • Wow, you were “drowning out His voice with the noise of mindless TV.” That is saying a mouthful. I praise God for what He has done for you through this fast. Keep listening, keep seeking Him, He is near. I look forward to you joining us Dec. 31!

  3. Pamela Peebles

    Just asking for Prayer

  4. Am so interested in knowing more about the fasting and spiritual growth. I so badly need victory in both areas, so I can pray with more power and success for so many loved ones and precious family members!

    • Hello Valerie, let me encourage you to consider the 40-Day Surrender Fast. Through the process you’ll learn the art of surrender which will gain you access to the power that is already inside of you. You can learn more on our website http://www.surrenderfast.com.

  5. Susan

    Just started this fast, but must say I am shocked that you are linked to the brotha site. I read an article there that did not sound very Christian, but rather very hateful and judgemental. I thought we were praying for and surrendering to Gods will, not our own.

    • Hello Susan, so glad you are fasting with us! We have been connected with Charles Clark and Brotha Online for years. I use to write for the magazine. Please send the link of the post you didn’t like to admin@drcelesteowens.com. We’ll review it. Thank you again and many blessings to you as you surrender all.

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