Testimony from 12-year-old Ayana

Chartese (mom of Ayana) writes:My 12-year-old daughter wrote this in her journal on day 40…

“The 40-Day Surrender Fast helped me be closer to my family.”

I have noticed a huge difference in the way that she interacts with her brothers. She is more patient with them. That is a blessing. Thanks for EVERYTHING that you all do for us. We really appreciate the time that you take to deliver the Word.

Peace & Blessings,

Chartese Richardson
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Testimony from First Lady Malinda Chisholm

A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with both an aneurism and a blocked artery in my neck. I was told that the artery was 100% blocked. They instructed me to take an aspirin every day to keep the other artery in my neck from blocking.

So for the last year the doctor’s have been monitoring my condition. Two weeks ago I had yet another MRA. Today the doctor reported to me great news! First that the aneurism hasn’t grown any in over a years time and that both the arteries in my neck are plaque free! I could hardly contain myself in the doctor’s office. What a mighty God we serve.

We’ve been saying all year that this is the year of miracles and God has worked a miracle in my life. Thank you for your prayers. If you are believing God for anything, keep on believing!

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Testimony from Tanesha (Cycle 3)

When I started this fast, I was at my wits end as it pertains to my marriage.  I had survived five years of hell and I was done!However, with less than a mustard seed of faith, I decided that I would give my talk with God one last effort because up to this point I felt he was certainly not listening to my cries; He was definetely letting down one of his biggest fans and I was DONE!

With that and in my absolute frustration, anger and bitterness, I pushed myself to commit my all to the Surrender Fast and Book 3 of my DDS (Divine Discipleship for Sisters) Class – Spiritual Warfare/The Disciples Victory.  As hard as it was, I could do nothing else but lay it all down and let go of my biggest defense mechanism CONTROL. Continue reading

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Testimony from Lisa (Cycle 3)

At the start of this fast I prayed to be more submissive in my marriage, financial blessing to be debt free, and to hear more from God.

1)      Submission – I have learned to submit. While on this fast I read in the Bible that God said “when you submit to your leaders you are submitting to me and obeying me”. That was an eye opener.

2)      Financial explosion – I began paying off all my debt at the beginning of the year. I was stuck with two judgments that were on my credit report.  I received out of the blue a check from my parents for $7000 as a gift!!!!! This allowed me to pay off two outstanding JUDGEMENTS on my credit report. Further, we were blessed with $1500. from someone paying my husband and I back, which we were not expecting. During this fast we received over $8,000 unexpected!!!! And finally, my parents told me on YESTERDAY that they knew we were looking to buy a new home and to let them know the closing costs!!!!!! I am humbly thankful.

3)      God’s voice – I know the small still voice of God, but I would not take heed, but now the voice is loud and clear and my senses are wide awake to his promptings. While on this fast I did not drink any alcohol. I was a social drinker but I heard God say let it go. But I was like it’s only sociably, and God said let it go. Last night I threw away a bottle of Jamaica Rum Cream from Jamaica that I got from a co-worker on the first day of the fast. I put it up and could not wait until Oct 27th! But last night I had no desire for it and threw it outside in the trash to be sure it would be picked up with the next day’s trash.

Thank you Lord!!!

Oh and I received a promotion which took my salary up $20,000!!!

Dr. Celeste, and your team I am humbly thankful for your guidance, your prayers, and YOU obeying your call. Thank you very much. Thank you Lord!

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Testimony from Wilma (Surrender Fast – Cycle 3)

This was my first 40 day Surrender Fast.  In my life it has been hard for me to do a fast, I never finish it and for the first time in my life I finished! I did the whole thing and I’m so grateful to you and God for being there for me.

Because of the fast I was feeling the need to go back to church.  So I decide to go back to  church, posted it on Facebook and to my Surprise my daughter emailed me and told me “not to go back to that church were they humiliate me and treat me bad”.   I was amazed and confused until she express her good feelings about the church that I use to go to The Montgomery Church of Christ (MCOC).  When I first move to Maryland I attended that church and liked it. But I lost myself when my baby died.  I was going through so much and I became depressed.  But the church was wonderful. One of the ex-members of that church invited me to go to a Spanish church because I am Hispanic and I never felt the same again. My daughter never liked any church just MCOC and she told me that if I go back to MCOC that  she will go with me once in a while.  I started to praise God and cry I was amazed, happy and excited. OMG! Too many emotions because every time I talk about God she has an attitude and look at her now, she wants to go.

And that’s not all. Last night I was doing my Surrender Fast Journal and my granddaughter said, “Nana I want to be like you. She ask me for a notebook and she started reading her Kid’s Bible that I had gotten her and writing down what she was feeling.  I give the glory to God. Things are happening all because I decided to follow Jesus.  I love him so  much and I thank God first  and then you and Maria White who introduced me to the 40 Day Surrender Fast.  God Bless you.

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Testimony: “No More Insulin”

This testimony is from Chekesha. Her husband is living proof that when you surrender your body to God, He will heal you of all your diseases.

“My husband and I just completed the 40 day fast on Friday. He turned away from TV, processed foods and sugar. At the beginning of the fast he was a diabetic taking insulin daily. He had his yearly physical 2 weeks ago and has dropped 40 lbs and no longer requires insulin. I am so proud of my baby. Keep the recipes coming, this fast has truly been a blessing in our life.”

Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple” (I Cor. 3:16-17).

Be blessed,


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Amazing Testimony from Cycle 2 Participant

This is a testimony from Sandreea Woods, a Cycle 2 surrender faster.
We would also love to feature your testimony. Please send your testimony to admin@drcelesteowens.com.
Please join us for Cycle 3: Sept. 17 – Oct. 26. The book can be purchased at www.surrenderfast.com or Barnes and Noble and  Amazon.com.
Our God is Awesome! And there is nothing like Obedience and the Power of the Prayer of Faith. I was a participant in the 40-Day Surrender Fast that started February 27, 2012 and ended April 6, 2012. I actually joined the daily prayer line towards the end of Cycle 1 and decided to go full out for Cycle 2. When I joined I was unemployed and had been searching for a permanent full-time job for well over a year and a half (actually had been in a temporary position since 2007 and had been going through a cold, dry, wilderness winter – unexpected loss of my father, surgeries, totaled car while unemployed and no insurance coverage for damages…and the list goes on). But praise be to God, My Solid Rock. I kept trusting and seeking Him and being faithful to His word (tithing, giving, sowing, serving, submitting, loving)… And He kept providing for me and giving me Hope, Joy, and Peace…in the midst of my trials and tribulations,… but the unemployment remained. Fast forward to this year, 40-Day Surrender Fast, Cycle 2.
God led me to fast from Negativity and Fear…people, thoughts, words, actions…everything negative and everything dealing with fear. I accepted the challenge and saw God start to do a New Thing in me. On March 20, God led me to send the email below to Surrender Fast Prayer Requests. The next day, Dr. Celeste read my prayer request along with the other prayer requests and noted how God had led me to be specific with my prayer. Dr. Celeste testified how she had seen God move in her life through praying with specificity.
On March 26, the Monday following March Communion Service, God led me to put in my move-out notice with my apartment complex. It was like music to my ears because God had been telling me to Be Still for months. I knew that the fact that He said Move meant that He had already Moved In My Favor. So, I did a praise dance and shouted from the top of my lungs. lol. Hallelujah!! Glory to Your Name God!! You Get The Highest Praise!!! I asked my sister if I could move in with her and her family in Woodbridge, VA for a month or two. I felt in my spirit that I would be gone by June, but had no idea where I was going.
On Tuesday, March 27, just six days after the Surrender Fast Prayer Line and just one day after I was obedient to put in my move-out notice with my apartment complex, I received an email from a recruiter regarding a Transfer Pricing position in Boston, MA. A couple weeks later, I was doing phone interviews and by the end of April, I was interviewing in the Boston office. NOTE: I had applied to this same firm last year for a more junior position and did not get an interview. This year, they contacted me for a more senior position and I got the job. I would have never applied to the position on my own. One, I wasn’t looking in Boston. Two, I would not have thought I was qualified. But God!!
And guess what? While I was in Boston interviewing, I received a call for another position in my field (Tax Law) this time for a position in DC (albeit not in my preferred area of International Tax and/or Transfer Pricing). And a week later, I received yet another interview for a position in DC, this time for a Federal Government job I had thought I really wanted before God opened the door He opened. The Door in Boston is the one God opened and it is the door that I have chosen to walk through. And because I was obedient to move out of my apartment When God Told Me To, I am already packed and ready for the move.:-)
Look at how Obedience and the Prayer of Faith Moves the Hand of God. Thank you for praying and believing with me. You are part of the Victory that Christ has won for me! I will be moving next week and starting in my new position on June 4, 2012. Please keep me lifted in prayer as I “go ye therefore” to do God’s will in Boston!
Love and Blessings!
Sandreea Woods
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Special Alert – A timely message from a fellow faster

My long-time friend Joy Briscoe emailed me on Friday with a message similar to the one you will read below. I was so moved by the insight God had given her about this cycle of the surrender fast that I asked her to write something similar to you. I pray you are encouraged!

Warning!!!  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. 1 Peter 5:8-9

As your fellow Surrender Faster I want to encourage you. Your enemy, satan, does not want you to succeed.  Satan is angry with you! This theme The Exodus – Moving from Here to There, Moving from our will to God’s Will is a MAJOR necessity for the body of Christ. Most of our fight in the Christian life is denying our flesh, our wants, our will and yielding to God’s wants, God’s desires, God’s will. It’s no surprise early into the fast there’s frustration and discouragement, satan doesn’t want us to live in Gods will; he’s tried to stop us from the beginning of time. Eve was perfect inside of God’s will and here comes satan, making her feel and believe things should be different and that she should be dissatisfied in God’s Will .

Satan hates God, so it’s no surprise he’ll try to get to those God loves.   Be Advised, this theme has really threatened him, after all if we are surrendered to Gods will it makes it that much harder for us to listen to our flesh which listens to him. Oh fellow Surrender, Satan really knows even better than some of us the POWER, the FULL power we will have when we are completely in God’s will. As long as he has a foothold in our minds and lives, it hinders us from using the FULL POWER that we have access to. And now Dr. Owens has challenged us to do something that hinders his influence our lives!

Fellow surrenders, BE ALERT, satan will stop at nothing; he will use anything or anybody to keep you from your full potential and all that God has promised you, your full potential and God’s promises lay’s inside of God’s Will!  Stay focused, push through, you have RESURECTION POWER living inside you! (No wonder satan is so mad.) When we successfully complete this cycle, there will be an unleashing from God like never before. God never blesses mess and when we are in our will He can’t bless that; He can’t do for us the way He would love to. He can’t give us all he has for us. He needs us to see His way is best, so when we move into His Will, there will be an experience like never before!

PLEASE BE WISE!! DO NOT surrender to satan, DO NOT allow his tricks to cause you to give up. He wants you to give up, but make him surrender to you!

I Love you, YOU can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens YOU!!!!Phil 4:13

Minister Joy Briscoe
First Baptist Church of Glenarden
Upper Marlboro, MD

P.S. Thanks Joy!

P.S.S. Please feel free to comment below with your own observations.

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