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Meet the Surrender Fast Prayer Team! (Send your prayer request to

Dr. Celeste Owens – author of The 40-Day Surrender Fast and call host during the Global Surrender Fast. Full bio

Headshot Celeste

Andel Owens – loving husband to Dr. Celeste and devoted father. Andel is a man of integrity and strong faith. His humble posture before God has allowed him to direct his family with wisdom. This man of valor is honored and respected by his wife of 17 years and 2 children.

Sonya Peebles – affectionately known as “Cousin Sonya” is the president of the Single Women’s Ministry  at the Latter Rain Cathedral in Lockport, NY. “My mission is to help, guide and direct single women to live a lifestyle pleasing to God during our time of singleness.” Sonya is a single mom to one great son, Stewart Q. Fonville III and cousin to Dr. Celeste.

Pastor Donald Chisholm – Pastor of the Latter Rain Cathedral, one church two campuses in Buffalo and Lockport, NY. He is the devoted husband of Malinda Chisholm and loving father to 8 adult children. This man of faith has greatly influenced his daughter’s (Celeste’s) walk with Christ. May his prayers ignite your faith and help you to know that with God all things are possible.

First Lady Malinda Chisholm – wife to Pastor Donald Chisholm and super mom to 8 children. This anointed woman of God has loved her family with quiet dignity and unending service. Her faith in God is akin to the faith we read about in Hebrew 11. May you be blessed by what God will say to us through His willing vessel.

Frank and Stephanie Davis – This husband and wife dynamic duo actively participate on the praise and worship team at their home church, The Latter Rain Cathedral in Lockport, NY. Frank plays the keyboard while Stephanie does vocals. They have been married for 6 years and have one son. They are also sister and brother-in-law to Dr. Celeste.

Warren Sims – A godly man who’s first passion is God then family. He is a minister at The First Baptist Church of Glenarden and newly married to his bride Kametra. They are expecting their 1st child in the Spring of 2015. He is also a gifted photographer.




62 thoughts on “Prayer Team


    First Lady Chisholm,
    Thank you for that awesome prayer decreeing and declaring, God truly guided you to pray that. That prayer truly was for me, that morning some doubt came over me of God healing me, I have had the honor of being used by God to pray healing over others, so of course I know where and who the doubt came from but after hearing you pray and feeling your confidence along with your prayer there was no doubt left! The anointing that flows through you is not only AWESOME but encouraging too.
    Thank you for your obedience to God.

  2. Hey Ms. Joy, Thank you so much. I have said in the past that it is soooo easy to encourage others and telling them that they will be ok. But I use to wonder about myself. But through my many test and trials, I’ve grown stronger and stronger. That’s why, test and trials are so so good cause they help you to grow. When God tells me I am healed, sometimes the pain and discomfort is still there, sometimes for days, therefore, I have a choice, I can believe God or I can believe the pain. God is true to his word. I don’t know if you heard my testimony but on last May I was diagnosed as having a brain aneurysm. Now if this was my first test with sickness or bad news, I would not be able to function. But like David encouraged himself, I can say, he brought me through other illnesses, so now I have the faith, this aneurysm will not kill me. I believe God. I know you didn’t expect a letter, sorry. But when I begin to talk about the goodness of Jesus…I need not say any more.


    Thank you First Lady Chisholm, you can respond to me in length of a letter anytime. You words are so encouraging, true and powerful matter of fact they have bought tears to my eyes! Thank you for responding, you have empowered me to keep fighting the good fight of faith. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
    Love Joy

  4. First Lady Chisholm

    You are so welcome.


    Minister Sonya,
    You are such a powerhouse, your prayer was empowering. My husband is doing the fast with me and you confirmed his absolute desire that they spectators would see a mighty change that God will do. After us losing many things my hubby’s desire is that the ultimate spectator and enemy/satan be put to shame. Thank you for your prayer!

    • Great point! The enemy can spectate all He wants but God will put him to shame. I am so glad your husband has joined us for this cycle. I pray that he is and will be abundantly blessed. Also, I will pass your message on to Sonya.

  6. SONYA



    Thank you!

  8. tiffany smith

    Hi i just want to thank you Dr. Owens for sharing my testimony on today about the faith displayed by my 5 yr old daughter Araya Hope. I chose the right name for her because she is a ray of hope just knowing that prov 22:6 will live forever through our children if we keep the faith. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he shall not depart from it. It was encouraging to hear the testimony about your admin. Assistant! I had a great job that paid well but i also have a husband and 5 beautiful christian children. God removed me from that management position nov 1 2011 and i have been home caring for my children and blessing my home while my husband is away in kuwait for a year. While at home God has called me into an administrative position at my church! I was given the job the first week of this fast! Praise God! I believe god is using this job opportunity to teach me patience responsibility endurance. If i can be a good steward of a little God will bless me with so much more. Stay encouraged everyone because God is moving us from here to there.

    • Tiffany thank you for submitting your testimony. I was a joy reading about your little one, Araya Hope. Love the name! Also, may God bless you during your time of separation from your husband. Please let us know if there is a way that we can support you. Are you in the DMV (the District/Maryland/Virginia)? Lastly, what an amazing opportunity God has given you to assist your church. I will pass your testimony on to Stephanie. As the scripture say, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousnes and all these THINGS shall be added to you.” Be blessed!

      • tiffany smith

        No dr owens i am not from maryland i reside in buffalo ny. You can support me by just keeping my husband eric smith in your prayers. Satan tried his best to keep me down but honestly God has blessed my family so much even through our trials we never went without. I do have a heavy heart sometimes because of our eldest daughter Falise. Let me explain. Falise is in college for dentistry. She was brought up in church i mean i was the sunday school teacher lol so she had no choice but to go as for me and my house we will serve the lord. Anyways one night in october a guy friend calls her to go to the haunted house. She was born on halloween and she was 18 at the time. Shes 19 now. When she gets in the car theres 3 other boys and they take her on a ride but not to where she expected but while in process of riding in the car the car catches fire! The police see car on fire and stop car. They all get out of car and the car gets searched only to find 2 loaded guns hidden under seats with amunition. My baby was caught up and now is being tested for dna etc and handprints and they say she could face up to 3 years in jail! The devil is a liar! I need all the prayer fasters on this case. Falise lemon needs to be prayed free. Parents keep talking to ur kids about the people they hang around. Even when they get 18 their not grown. Keep teaching them. our girls are weak at certain ages and may fall for anything so we have to be dilligent in keeping them in Christ. I have annointed her with oil and I’m believing this fast will bring my family into God’s will.

  9. Lady Malinda C. Chisholm

    Tiffany, thank you sooooo much for those words of encouragement. This afternoon things were sounding a little pitful, seem like some people were discouraged. I sure hope they all read your words of inspiration, I say inspiration cause after reading what you wrote, somebody ought to be inspired! ! ! !

  10. Stephanie (Admin Assistant for Dr. Owens)

    Hello Tiffany! Wow! It’s so amazing to hear that another surrender faster is right in the place where God would have them to be. God is doing a great work in you. He’s pruning and making you so that you can be The Great Women of God that He has created. Be not afraid because in His Word, Hebrews 13:5b it say’s that He will never leave thee now forsake thee; so just know that He is always with you. May God continue to bless you!

  11. First Lady Malinda Chisholm

    Tiffany, keep on believing. The first blessing was when the car caught on fire!!!! No telling what would of happened if it didn’t. God allowed that to happen, so he is well able to keep her from going to prison!

    • I agree completely with First Lady Chisholm! Tiffany, like the devotional read today Establish Your Faith. The first miracle was that that car caught on fire. God will use this time to get Falise’s attention. He has great things in store for her; her life is not her own. Also, the word says, raise us a child in the way they should go and when they are old they won’t depart from it. Falise thinks she can do what she wants but she can’t! You and your family are in our prayers.

      • tiffany smith

        Wow me and my mother said the same thing about the fire. When falise talks of that night she remembers being really scared but she says the fire was strange. She said the back of the truck from the outside appeared to be consumed and then it seemed to magically disappear once the police were on the scene. Its like the burning bush. God sends us warnings and signs to get our attention. Thankyou for your replies. I have prayed about it but i find myself doubting god so i will strengthen my inner faith as well. This could be my test. Im thankful that ride ended safely even though shes git alot to go through but this to shall pass

  12. Rosalyn Davis

    Last week was an amazing week! This is my first participation in a 40-Day Fast and I must admit that it was a little intimidating to comit to fasting in the beginning because I aready knew some of the areas that God was calling me to bring into obedience to his word, one area being to eat a more balanced diet. In other words, He was calling me to reign in my love for deserts, (candy, cookies, cakes so on). I am happy to report that on Day 8, I am still without eating any types of deserts. This is monumental to me for God to do this in my life because I submitted this to Him, through the guidance of Dr. Owens and the Surrender Fast Prayer team. He is doing something in me that I had previously thought was a near impossible task. If He did it for Dr. Celeste and now for me, He can do it for you. Also, I have been unemployed for about 7 months and I have faith that even though the circumstances around me becoming unemployed was not good I just believe that God is working it all out for my good.

    In this time, I have been able to look for work, have more time to study the word of God, participate in this 40-Day Surrender Fast as well as participate in the Tamar Ministry at First Baptist of Glenarden to continue to work on a childhood wounding. Dr. Celeste Owens, was the first facitiliator in the Tamar Ministry who helped to start me on my journey with the guidance of God to bring about healing for my childhood wounding. And God used Dr. Owens mightily in the Tamar Ministry to set the captive free. Therefore, I have great respect for her call to help heal the body of Christ.

    So God knows what He is doing even if we don’t. I have been so blessed by Dr. Owens and the Surrender Fast Team. Dr. Owens has such a wonderful gift of swift obedience to the word of God and she makes the word come alive in her teachings to us. I have been uplifted by every prayer of each member of the prayer team. Stephanie thank you for the uplifting and heartfelt, prayer and song on the prayer line today that encouraged us. For the first time today, I was actually able to listed to the prayer line as it was being broadcasted which is a prayer answered. Surrender Fasters we are doing it, surrendering our lives daily to Jesus Christ. To God Be the Glory for the Good Things that He has done!

    • Amen, Rosalyn! Thank you for your encouraging words. God is so faithful. If we give up a little He turns around our situations and blesses us alot. I know that you sacrifice of denying your flesh is not going unnoticed. God sees you and is pleased. Keep on surrendering it all to Him.

      • Stephanie Davis

        Beautiful words of encouragement Rosalyn! I too have given up sweets for the surrender fast and it has been a challenge, but I will not give up! We’ll make it together with God on our side. Let’s fight for the promise! Remember God’s word in Joel the 2nd chapter where He say’s “we will not be made ashamed.” God has come for our words and He will reward us for our faithfulness! Be blessed.

  13. Rosalyn Davis

    First Lady Chisholm and Dr. Owens, thank each of you for your wisdom and encouraging words that you both spoke to us today on the prayer line on Day 9 of our surrender fast. Dr. Owens, I have been going to church for as long as I can remember. And you are the first to teach on and reveal that Jesus in his human form was in some ways no different than us in human form because He was not empowered with all of his attributes. Thanks for this wonderful revelation and your really made it plain to us today that Jesus too had a choice to love his enemies, or to be concerned about what they were going to do to him such as betray Him as Judas did or deny Him as Peter did. I am so excited about what God will reveal to me and others about ourselves, and how we deal with our enemeies as we reflect on our answers to the reflection questions for Day 9.

    I was so inspired by what First Lady Chisholm shared with us today, that I may start to refer to her mother Chisholm because she demonstrated so much wisdom to us and love as she shared with us that the Christian walk is one of trials and tests but we must remain faithful in spite of what comes our way. She also reminded us that the key to getting through our challenges is to praise the Lord and give Him thanks. First Lady Chisholm, I appreciate how you the great woman of God is allowing God to speak through you to uplift us. May the Lord continue to Keep you, Dr. Owens and the rest of the prayer team as we continue on this journey. Thank First Lady Chisholm for reassuring us that God is doing something mighty in us as we continue to submit to him. I received that. To God be the glory!

    • Thanks Rosalyn! I so appreciate your encouraging words and excited about what God will reveal to us next. I love to study the life of Jesus because He is our perfect mentor. I will continue to strive to let Him be who He is in my life.

  14. First Lady Malinda Chisholm

    Thank you so much Rosalyn. Those words are very encouraging.

  15. Omega

    Sonya, thank you so much for praying for us today! I needed that this morning. There is so much going on in my life. My son’s behavior in school has gotten so bad that it is so frustrating to me, his God mother and his teachers. I know that if we continue to call on the name of “Jesus” that change will take place! Sonya you such a powerful prayer warrior and I thank God you are holding up the walls with your prayers.

  16. First Lady Malinda Chisholm

    You are so right. Sis. Sonya is powerful! She prays as though every thing is going good in her life. But guess what, I know her, and I know she is going through just like all of us and she has gone through other things. The more you go through, greater the anointing! ! !

  17. SONYA

    Thank you, Yes I do have trials and test, but I have learned,learned to put my faith and hope and trust in GOD, AND YES HE WILL ANSWER.


  18. Rosalyn Davis

    As we are on the 40th day of the fast that we started now 40 days ago, I would like to thank Dr. Celeste Owens and the Surrender Fast Team for the pouring out of themselves into our lives and we are all better for it.

    I am looking forward to the testimonies of the blessings that God has given all of you for your obedience to Him.

    While we focused on getting through each day, all of you had the additional task of encouraging us. I received words of wisdom from each of you. Again thanks for your faithfulness.

    Dr. Celeste, I thank God for your leadership and obedience because of it, the Lord has been able to set the captives free and release a new life style in our lives. To God be the glory!


    First Lady Chisholm,

    Mom, thank you acknowledging me as your daughter on the weekly wrap up call. You know us adopted children love feeling accepted! 🙂
    Your NEW daughter,

  20. doll1950

    Love you Joy!

  21. ALAN

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alan we will pray that you gain a mind to be saved. Salvation is free to all who will receive it. All you need to do is confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you are saved. It’s all by faith. Please join us for the Cycle 3 of the 40 Day Surrender on September 17. Please visit Be blessed!

  22. Joseph Ray

    May God bless you all it is always a blessing to the Lord when souls come together to do incredible things with the power of God. I pray for your obedience and faithfulness. I also pray that all you desire to accomplish in the will of God will be manifested. The word of God says fear God and keep his commandments that is the whole duty of man so in all that you do may the duty that God has suscribed unto you be your first and foremost desire

    God Bless HP Joseph Ray

    • Amen Joseph. Thank you for that powerful word of encouragement! We will keep God first so that His will is accomplished during this season of pray and fasting. We are expecting great things. I pray that you will join us.


    Dad and Mom Chisholm,
    Happy Anniversary! Dad thanks for the shout out today! I love hearing you guys voices, your voices are always calming, reassuring and empowering for me to press on. Wow thank u 4 accepting my adoption papers, God knew I needed added parental faith reinforcement in this “resurrection” season of my life. Again, Happy Anniversary, I love you!

    • Hey Sis, I will pass the message on to our parents. 🙂 I love what you had to say about resurrection! Amen! Stephanie was just saying how encouraging your testimony was today on the Weekly Wrap-up call. A report of a “marked improvement” for MS? Look at God! Love you!


    I know right! God is awesome! Thanks for passing the message along and thanks for being such a BLESSING to us all! Girl you’re helping transforms our minds!
    Love you!

  25. Lady Malinda C. Chisholm

    Awe. Thank you My dearest daughter Joy.(watch out, Celeste,Stephanie, Nicole, Andrea, and Chanelle). I heard you this afternoon and it was encouraging. I think of you sooooo often and I pray for you. Love you much. When I come to Maryland, I hope to see you.


    Lol! Oh o mom don’t have my siblings hating me already, you know us adopted children work extra hard to fit into the family. Can’t wait until your next visit to Md. Love you too.

  27. Thank you so much for finding and enjoying my blog. You obviously have a great deal of discipline and love for the body God gave us so please excuse the pun but I’m sure I was “preaching to the choir”! What an awesome ministry you have! Hope my nutritional posts will help someone who needs it. God bless you all.

    • Thanks Ellie! No…preach on…I can always use a reminder. 🙂 Thanks for your diligence in proclaiming God’s truth regarding our temples. I’ll keep an eye out for your post. Be blessed!

  28. Retta

    I am so thankful to God and you for this 40 day fast. I am presently going through a lot, but I know that with God, All Things Are Possible. May God continue to bless your work.


    • Stay encouraged Retta. That is my favorite truths, with God ALL things are possible. Yes, indeed. I look forward to hearing your praise report of how God brought you thru!

  29. Krisann Johnson

    Dr. Celeste, I don’t know how I missed this Surrender Fast Prayer Team during Cycle 4–I see you all now, and it makes me smile because I can put a face to the love and joy of the voices who have blessed me. I thank God for your family and their dedication, commitment, and love for your vision/ministry. When God is in it, there is no limit, and it just goes to show again how all things are possible, and that nothing is too hard for our God. Thank you all for being examples of the praying family that stays together.

    Peace and Love!!

    • Thanks Krisann! You are so right about the family that prays together.

      I need to update this page because now our “extended” family members pray for the Surrender Fasters. They are Sharon Taylor, Warren Sims, Joy Briscoe, Kim Warren, Adrienne and Precsiouss Patterson, Nicole Northington, Frank Davis (Stephanie’s husband) and Chanelle Chisholm. All these will be praying during Cycle 5.

  30. Hello Dr. Celeste Owens, I am so thankful to be a part of this 2013 Surrender Fast. I am blessed by your words, insights, stories and even prophetic statements. Thanks for reminding us to speak over our children before they go to school and to walk in humility. The prayer is always awesome. It was straight from the throne and received in Jesus Name!

  31. Jennifer G. Tadlock

    Hello Dr. Celeste Owens, I thank god for you. This could not have come to me at a better time. I needed to hear from God, and decided to do this fast with you guys!! Wow!! I’m so glad I did, it has changed my life totally. I can feel my heart changing. I know God is able to do all things, because I seen him do it. I need someone to just pray for me as I go in for the finish!! pray God gives me wisdom to know and to accept my assignment in the name of Jesus. thank you again! Love Ms. Jennifer G Tadlock

    • That is an awesome praise report Jennifer. I thank God for your change of heart and renewed strength. We are praying for you that you succeed to the finish! Be blessed.

  32. Mimi Pouncy

    Your message this morning Dr. Celeste spoke right to me because just yesterday I went to work and said today is my last day. I have faith that God is calling me to a bigger assignment. It my be thru my medical condition, church or community but God released me of my “good government” job. I am retired to do His work.

    • Wow Mimi! Congratulations on your retirement. That was a big step. I praise God that you stepped up and showed God that you believe He has greater. Your best days are in front of you!!!

  33. Jackie Scott

    I just want to that you Dr. Celeste for your vision and your obedience to carry out the vision. My friends and I have started on cycle 4 “Enough is Enough” because that’s basically where we are in life right now! I really like the take you had on “Enough is Enough” as in everything that God gives us is just enough. I have been meditating on both interpretations during this fast. We started Cycle 4 on the same day that you all started Cycle 8 so we are now on day 9 of our fast as well. Thank you for the tools that you are giving us. Thank you for being the vessel that God is using to deliver us all from these strongholds!!! I truly appreciate you and your team.

    • Hello Jackie, thanks for checking in! That teaching is one of my favorites because really enough is enough and we have to learn to be content. Please send my regards to your group. I pray you experience God in a new way and forever be changed because of your surrender. Be blessed!

  34. JMarie

    God led me straight to my new beginning through your book. I needed to surrender my will for His, this book is such a blessing. I started cycle 8 this Monday but I already feel the move of God. I just want to thank you for being obedient to the will of God. You are helping so many (including myself) I thank God for you! Be blessed always!

    • You’re welcome JMarie! You are in for the adventure of your life! Trust God and let Him speak to your heart during this time of surrender. Be blessed.

  35. Danielle J

    Hi Dr.Celeste and prayer team. Please prayer that I will get back on track and reclaim my health. I completed the surrender fast a year or 2 ago but have failed at keeping the weight off. So I am starting over again for the ump-teenth time(so tried of traveling in this circle). Although chains have been broken from my mind and many of the issues causing me to overeat have been removed, and I continue to gain more insight on the Lord and the power He has given me and the fact that He is bigger than anything standing in my way, including me…I’m still fighting to drop the weight and keep it off.

    Thanks in advance for your prayers and encouragement

    • The journey to health it just that, a journey. Trust me I am a living witness! Be encouraged that with God all things are possible. I find this to be true for me, once God has allowed me to master something I (over time) become less dependent on Him and slowly slide back into my old habits. If that is the case for you, just cry out to Him for strength and lean on Him as He directs your path to ultimate health. I look forward to hearing the praise report! I’ve sent you request over to our praise team. We are praying with you.

  36. Mina

    Before anything, I would like to thank Dr. Owens for her heart and faithfulness to the Lord in sharing and leading this fast. I also greatly appreciate her transparency and sincerity in the Lord in the book, as well as the stories you’ve shared on the calls.

    I wanted to share my testimony, but I was too shy to do that over the conference line. Also, to be honest, I was questioning whether or not I really had one. This will be long, even though I am just trying to include the main points. I apologize!
    I live in California, but was asked by a friend, who now lives in CA, if I was interested in doing a 40 day surrender fast with her church back home in Glen Arden. I was hesitant because I was about to start another Bible study that month. I decided to to it because during the previous couple of months, I had really been focusing on daily surrendering my life and will to the Lord. I thought, there is no way surrender had been on my heart and in my prayers, and it be coincidence that my friend mentioned this to me. I don’t believe in coincidences.
    This surrendering had come after many years of back and forth, or straddling the fence as some may say, in my walk with God. Of course, I have had to learn many hard lessons because of that. However, I can look back over my life and see God’s mercy, His grace, His provision, His protection, His faithfulness, and the list is endless. With that being said, He will only let His children stray so far, for so long. Especially, if we know better.
    What God has allowed to bring me to this point of surrender was the destruction of my marriage – after only about a year of being married, and my first at that. Until then, I don’t think (actually, I know I didn’t) I ever understood what people meant when they said sometimes God let’s you hit rock bottom, so you have to look up to Him. I understand that, even at that point, some of us may not choose to put their trust in the Lord. I am thankful that God has allowed my eyes to be opened to the truth that He is the One I need.

    On to a few details of the fast…
    During the first week, I prayed that the Lord would show me how to honor Him with my personality. How to allow Him to change the bad behaviors or expressions that I’ve learned throughout life, as well as how to be comfortable and confident in the personality traits that He’s given me. Can you imagine the look on my face when I heard the topic of discussion on that first Friday? Thank you Sis Karen for your time and all the knowledge you shared.
    The second week, I was very much inspired by First Lady Chisholm’s talk and prayer, as well as Sis Sonya’s prayer. I listened to those a few times! I was on the fence about whether or not I should send in a prayer request about my marriage. I had been praying. I had asked others to pray for me. I knew my husband was seeing someone else and leaning toward divorce, though he hadn’t said it to me. After hearing “sometimes you have to look like a fool” and “no matter what it looks like” ringing in my ears, I decided to send in a request to the prayer team. (For anyone that was patient enough to read this far, please keep my marriage in your prayers if the Lord leads your heart to do so!) Well, that Saturday night, I received a text from my husband. Again, can you imagine the look on my face when I saw that? We had not had any contact for over a year and a half. We talked for a little while, and he said he had peace in his heart. I was thankful for that. Knowing him, I knew that for him to call was huge. It was a step. Thank you prayer team for interceeding.
    Throughout the fast, the Lord spoke to me about many things through just His Word. Things I would talk to Him about aloud, as well as things I hadn’t the courage to speak aloud. How intimate and tender He is.
    Those are the main things I wanted to share as far as my testimony regarding breakthrough.

    I would like to touch on my comment earlier about me wondering if I had a testimony. Perhaps, I was wondering if I had a good enough one or the one I wanted. You see, I spoke to my husband one more time, about a week later, and it ended with both of us feeling uncertain for several reasons. I haven’t spoken to him since. Once again, he is leaning toward divorce. I was left wondering about that initial call. Was that really an answer to prayer and forward motion, or was the enemy just distracting me and trying to trip me up through my husband? Exactly how much longer am I supposed to look like a fool, or am I actually a fool hoping for my husband to have a change of heart? LORD, what just happened?!
    I had to pause. What did all of those questions have to do with surrender? Not a thing. I had to remind myself that the Lord gives and He takes away, and even then blessed be the name of the Lord (Job 1:21), that He is faithful who promised (Heb 11:11), that all things are working for my good (Rom 8:28), and that He has a plan for me (Jer 29:11).
    So, I had to delete that line of thinking – of questioning if I had a “legitimate” testimony. Delete, delete, delete. Thank you, Pastor Chisholm.

    Sorry, for such a long comment, but it was on my heart to share. You wouldn’t believe how much I actually had to delete to keep it this “short.”

    • Hello Mina, thanks for sharing your amazing testimony. Getting a text from your husband after a year and a half is not a coincidence. God was at work and is continuing to work in your life. We will definitely keep your marriage in our prayers. No matter what keep your eyes on God and when necessary delete, delete, delete those negative thoughts! Many blessings to you and your family.

  37. Sharon King

    Please pray for God to make change in my life and open new doors

  38. DeBorah

    Thank you all for praying 🙏🏾 and getting the prayers through. Reading the bio of each one of you, I know my prayers is good hands. God bless you all and Thanks so much


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