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Day 2 – 3 Day Detox

Hello Surrender Detoxers!

How’s it going? This morning I feel refreshed and renewed; going to head out in the moment for my morning walk.

Today we are focusing on Jesus and the fact that He is the Resurrection.

Today’s probing question: “Jesus in what areas of my life do you want to perform a resurrection?

This and more was discussed on today’s Morning Prayer Call. If you missed it, catch the recording:

Dial-in number: 530-881-1399
Access code: 275281#

Here’s the link of the You Tube video of me making the Dinner Drink (Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox Cleanse).

What did you think of the drinks? Was there one you liked more than the other?

Please respond below.

Have a great detoxing day!!!
Dr. Celeste

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Day 1 – 3 Day Detox – Lunch Drink

Hello Surrender Detoxers!

Here’s the link for the You Tube video for the Lunch Drink. A little more pulp than I like but definitely doable.


I’ll be back in a little bit with the video for the Dinner Drink.

Also, listen to today’s Morning Prayer call:

Dial in number: 530-881-1399
Access code: 275281#

Dr. Celeste

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