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No Need To Be Stagnant




Happy Thursday!!!

Are you feeling spiritually stagnant?

If you are like me then you understand exactly what I’m saying.

I’ve come to a road in my journey where I know that there is so much that God has for me, but I wonder at the same time will I ever be able to complete the current task at hand in order to get to the next phase of my journey.

Someone once told me that I was not afraid of not succeeding, but that I was afraid of succeeding.

When I first heard that I was like, What?

Why would I be afraid of succeeding? That doesn’t make any since.

I thought if I knew I would definitely succeed wouldn’t I be all in for it?

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Surrender to God’s Bigger Dream

You’ve made it to Day 22 of your 40 days of surrender!!!

Today God is instructing us to “Dust off Our Dreams.”

What dreams do you have that yet to be fulfilled? Don’t give up hope but keep hoping in the Lord. As long as your dreams are His dreams, they WILL come to pass.

Since 2010 I’ve surrendered to God’s bigger dream and what He’s done in such a short amount of time is blowing my mind. I’ve always been a dreamer, but the dream I had for myself was nice and manageable. I dreamed of operating a multi-service private practice, a one stop shop so to speak. But when I heard God call me out of my familiar to His new territory, I moved out of my BETTER to receive His BEST.

God’s best is available to you as well! This morning on the Morning Prayer call God had me to share this message: Continue reading

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