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Cycle 5, Week 4: Gratitude Promotes Contentment


Welcome to Week 4 Surrender Fasters! I pray that you are being blessed by your surrender. Don’t forget to share what God is doing. Either post here or email us at

This week we are continuing to unpack the theme: Mastering the Art of Contentment. Last week we learned of four Contentment Busters. This week we are focusing on practice that promotes contentment: GRATITUDE.

According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary gratitude is the state of being grateful. Grateful is appreciative of benefits received; expressing gratitude. The synonyms for grateful are appreciative, glad, obliged, thankful. And words related to grateful are pleased, satisfied, contented. Does that come as any surprise?

What can you be grateful for today?

For years Oprah has advocated the power and pleasure of being grateful. In turn, she encourages other’s to keep a gratitude journal. In this journal you write 5 things you are grateful for daily.

I started keeping one today. The two things I wrote in my journal today caused joy to bubble up in my spirit:

1. The sound of my children laughing in the backseat on the way to school.

2. Being able to secure childcare for the week I attend a out-of-the-state training this summer.

Won’t you join me? Find a journal/piece of paper and write the five things you are grateful for each day this week. Please list a few below in the comment section!

Lastly, we will also continue this conversation on the Morning Prayer Calls. Join us!

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

P.S. Surrender Your Personality is the first of three seminars the ministry will host in 2013. You can register Early Bird for just $39 until 3/31. The event is April 20 in Bowie, Maryland.

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I’ve Learned to be Content: Spotlight on 4 Contentment Busters


Have you learned to be content? That is the focus of Cycle 5 (Surrender Fast 2013). We are praying that God help us master the art of contentment.

This week I will uncover 4 contentment busters. The first is complaining.

Complaining is a habit: the more you do it, the more you want to do it. Some people are better at it than others; they have made an art of complaining. They don’t see the silver lining in anything and if they do say anything remotely positive it’s only after they have exhausted their supply of complaints. But my friend, that should not be so!

Do you know it’s a sin to complain? Well it is. Any time you go against God’s commands it’s a sin. God’s Word clearly instructs us to do all things without murmuring and complaining (Philippians 2:14). Continue reading

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Cycle 5 – Week 2, Contentment vs. Complacency — What’s the difference?

Hello Surrender Fast Family!

So you’ve made it to week 2. For those who are new to fasting, that must feel like a huge feat. Praise God for His staying power. Keep on surrendering, the best is yet to come!

This week we are continuing to unpack this Cycle’s theme: Mastering the Art of Contentment. As we learned last week being contented is feeling or showing satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation. Contented Christians find joy in every situation and circumstance because they have learned that God’s plan is best and if He allowed a situation in his/her life, He has equipped him/her with the tools to go through. As the scripture reminds us, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

I received an excellent question from Dave Dickinson via Facebook. Dave writes,

If you’re not comfortable with your job, should you be content? I am praying to control my anxiety over my work conditions. To me, contentment means just accepting and being happy with what I currently have. I have humbled myself and my lifestyle, but I am not content because I want better for myself. Is there a balancing point between the two or am I missing a lesson? Continue reading

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Cycle 5 Starts Today–Where in the World are the Surrender Fasters?

where are you

Welcome to Cycle 5 of Surrender Fast 2013! Today marks the first day of our 40 days of surrender.

I am excited for what God is doing now and will do for you in the days to come. Expect Him everyday: look for Him around every corner, hear Him speak out of the mouth of babes and strangers,  believe that He wants to do something new in you!

Our theme this cycle is: “Mastering the Art of Contentment.” I am determined in the next six weeks to LEARN to be content. Yes, contentment is a process and something that you learn over time.

Paul spoke about this in Philippians 4:11. He wrote, “Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.” How can he be content in every circumstance? The secret is Christ. For we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Continue reading

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