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Better Safe Than Sorry?

Safe Sorry

The old saying, “It’s better safe than sorry” is not necessarily true in God’s economy.

Ask the woman with the issue of blood, who though “unclean,” pressed her way to Jesus because she knew, “If only I could touch the hem of His garment I would be made whole.”

Ask blind Bartimaeus, who though blind, dared to believe that Jesus would hear him when he cried, “O Son of David, have mercy on me.” Continue reading

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I Hope You’re Living the Dream

The other day as I entering Andrews Air Force Base the gate attendee said the most provocative phrase. He simple stated, “I hope you’re living the dream.” I smiled and replied, “I am!”

Can you say the same? Are you living the dream?

Not any old dream you conjured up because it sounded good, but the Jeremiah 29:11, I-know-the-plans-I-have-for-you dream. The dream that causes you to state on the regular, “I can’t believe this is my life!” Yeah that one.

This weekend I was certified as a Natural Health Professional after an 8-day intensive training in Indianapolis. Was becoming an expert on natural health ever in my plans? No. My plan was to stay in private practice as a psychologist until I was old and grey. In fact, that seemed like such a good plan, until God started to show me His. Continue reading

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I Will Not WORK Today!!!

“I will not work today!” were the words spoken by Tanya Blount Trotter just hours before her miracle showed up in the form of a man that had a connection to a radio station she and her husband Michael Trotter Jr. had been desiring to find an “in” to for some time.

I heard her share this powerful testimony on the i Pray 365 Project this morning and it was just what I needed to hear.  Today I rose with “works” all in my spirit. The minute I opened my eyes I was consumed with the tasks that I needed to do to move the ministry forward. Sadly, I couldn’t even concentrate my devotions because so many “works” were calling my name.

In the midst of all that I heard the Spirit say call into the prayer line. And thanks be to God He used Tanya to remind me that God is the almighty creator. His dreams for my life are coming to pass. The right people and the right breaks are in my future. I don’t have to worry, I don’t have to work. He has it all taken care of! Continue reading

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Moving Forward


I had the pleasure of speaking to the Singles Ministry of the First Baptist Church of Glenarden this past weekend. I shared with them the 3 Heart Attitudes that hinder our forward movement: Discontentment, Desperation, and Disobedience.

During the session I shared personal examples of how my full surrender to God has advanced me. As a single I dated all the wrong guys. Finally–when I got to the end of myself–I surrendered my dating life to God and about 6 months to the day I met Andel, my soulmate and destiny partner.

Here’s another example. During the final year of my doctorate I needed to complete a year long internship in order to graduate. I worked hard to find an internship in my preferred location (Maryland). Please note that I wrote, “I worked hard.” To my horror, I didn’t get an internship in Maryland after months of applications and interviews. Finally, I put up the white flag and surrendered my choice of internship placement to God. Within a day I was appointed to the Chicago Area Christian Training Consortium. It turned out to the perfect internship for me! Continue reading

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A Goldfish’s Second Chance: What Concerns You, Concerns God


Sunday morning we discovered that our son’s goldfish was sick. AJ watched with tears in his eyes as his goldfish clung to life. In that instant I told AJ that we should pray.  After the prayer I checked the filter only to discover that I had neglected to clean both parts of the filter; one section was clogged with debris (now we know why the other fish died last week). I readily cleaned it and then we waited. Continue reading

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Cycle 5 – Week 2, Contentment vs. Complacency — What’s the difference?

Hello Surrender Fast Family!

So you’ve made it to week 2. For those who are new to fasting, that must feel like a huge feat. Praise God for His staying power. Keep on surrendering, the best is yet to come!

This week we are continuing to unpack this Cycle’s theme: Mastering the Art of Contentment. As we learned last week being contented is feeling or showing satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation. Contented Christians find joy in every situation and circumstance because they have learned that God’s plan is best and if He allowed a situation in his/her life, He has equipped him/her with the tools to go through. As the scripture reminds us, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

I received an excellent question from Dave Dickinson via Facebook. Dave writes,

If you’re not comfortable with your job, should you be content? I am praying to control my anxiety over my work conditions. To me, contentment means just accepting and being happy with what I currently have. I have humbled myself and my lifestyle, but I am not content because I want better for myself. Is there a balancing point between the two or am I missing a lesson? Continue reading

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Enough is Enough! Stopping Unbelief in it’s Tracks


The other day I had the pleasure of serving cupcakes to 16 kindergarteners as we celebrated my daughter Aaliyah’s 5th birthday. After the festivities had died down the teacher asked Aaliyah what she would like to be when she grows up.

I knew the answer and I sensed it wouldn’t go over very well.

“A Princess.”

Some of the kids laughed–Aaliyah looked at them puzzled–then the teacher quickly interjected, “and what else?”

And what else. Why does there need to be a something else?

Okay, sure, growing up to be a princess sounds pretty farfetched, but for Aaliyah that is her reality. And for reasons unknown to us she acts like a princess; she is ultra feminine. She insists on wearing skirts every day, she loves wearing lip gloss and nail polish, and she carries herself like a lady.

If Aaliyah can act like what she believes she will become, why can’t you? Continue reading

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Surrender Fast 2013 – Are you in?!

Most of us want to know God’s plan for our lives, but we’re not always sure how to find it.

Do you know that God can dream a bigger dream than you? For years I thought I had it all together; my life was planned the way I wanted it. But when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 the journey back to health allowed me to re-evaluate my plans. In fact, I learned that my plan was nearly the polar-opposite of what God had in mind. Now I am living His bigger dream; the one he had planned for me from the foundations of the earth.  And it feels great!

What about you?

Are you living God’s bigger dream? If you find yourself frustrated and discouraged all the time, I would guess you are not. Continue reading

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Testimony from Tanesha (Cycle 3)

When I started this fast, I was at my wits end as it pertains to my marriage.  I had survived five years of hell and I was done!However, with less than a mustard seed of faith, I decided that I would give my talk with God one last effort because up to this point I felt he was certainly not listening to my cries; He was definetely letting down one of his biggest fans and I was DONE!

With that and in my absolute frustration, anger and bitterness, I pushed myself to commit my all to the Surrender Fast and Book 3 of my DDS (Divine Discipleship for Sisters) Class – Spiritual Warfare/The Disciples Victory.  As hard as it was, I could do nothing else but lay it all down and let go of my biggest defense mechanism CONTROL. Continue reading

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