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No Need To Be Stagnant




Happy Thursday!!!

Are you feeling spiritually stagnant?

If you are like me then you understand exactly what I’m saying.

I’ve come to a road in my journey where I know that there is so much that God has for me, but I wonder at the same time will I ever be able to complete the current task at hand in order to get to the next phase of my journey.

Someone once told me that I was not afraid of not succeeding, but that I was afraid of succeeding.

When I first heard that I was like, What?

Why would I be afraid of succeeding? That doesn’t make any since.

I thought if I knew I would definitely succeed wouldn’t I be all in for it?

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Changer Or Chaser?

Happy Thursday!!!

To listen to this weeks song for meditation, Click on Stand Out by: Tye Tribbett

Peculiar: Strange or odd; unusual. Distinctive in nature or character from others. Belonging exclusively to.

I remember awhile back being in a department store, casually grazing through clothes in the different aisles, when I happened to look up. I instantly had to do a double take;

Remember when it was fashionable to wear your purse on your forearm?

Well when I looked up we were all holding almost the same type of purse on the same forearm, wearing almost identical clothing.

For some reason I instantly felt embarrassed and through my purse on my shoulder. I couldn’t get out of that store fast enough.

At that moment I didn’t want to follow the trend.

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