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Super Healthy Ways Celery Contributes to Your Overall Health

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Happy Monday!!!

In honor of National Celery Month, I thought I would re-post a recent post I wrote about the beauty of Celery!

Whether it’s Game Day, a simple party or group meeting; what is almost always on the menu? Wings!celery-juice

Yum! You open up the box going for a drumstick, a flat, or both. But what is usually always overlooked and discarded? The celery!

In fact, it’s been so ignored, that it has been replaced by carrots. Crickets!!! I know it just dawned on you that there used to be celery in the box.

Well break out that peanut butter we talked about on last week, because after you read of the health benefits of celery, you may conclude you’ve found the perfect companion for your peanut butter. Continue reading

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God Has a Plan for a Healthier You


For me, today ends 21 days of juice fasting and I feel fantastic! Clearer skin, no joint pain, improved mental clarity, weight loss, and many spiritual gains.

I have to admit I didn’t want to do this type of fasting. It was only after God verified His plans for my diet through a series of confirmations did I finally concede my fate.

But today as I look back I can say, “Father knows best.” I had no clue how desperately my body was in need of a detox, but He did.

Have you ever started a new diet, health regiment, detox program only to stop before completion? Most of us have. However, here’s some food for thought: perhaps you should consider letting God determine what you should do with your health. Believe it or not, He has the best plan for the new, healthier you. Continue reading

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