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Out of Order: Lessons from a Neglectful Wife

Okay I’m being dramatic, but I must admit, I’ve been guilty of not putting Andel first.

Of course during our engagement it was all about him. And maybe even the first couple years of marriage—not sure—you would have to ask him. But then came kids, work and ministry obligations and he began to play second fiddle.

We have a good marriage so suffice it to say I didn’t do any of this intentionally; it just sort of happen.

It’s funny how those who are supposed to mean the most to us are quickly relegated to the “I’ll get to you when I get a chance” category when life becomes all about us.

I wasn’t aware of the severity of my behavior until a recent disagreement with Andel that got me to thinking. We were visiting friends in North Carolina. The host cooked breakfast. I feed the kids then ran off to the Post Office. When I returned all the food was eaten and Andel – fast asleep – had missed out. Continue reading

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