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Laugh Your Way To Health!!!

Quick Tip Monday!!!

Laughing is and always will be, the best form of therapy. Dau Voire 

I’ve heard someone say that too much laughter causes the early onset of wrinkles, but I say the more you laugh the better you feel: so laugh until your heart is content.

Did you ever consider how important it is to let loose and just enjoy a good chuckle?

The Bible says…..

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

Laughter gives us vitality!!!

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Have You Oil Pulled Lately?


According to Wikipedia, Oil Pulling or oil swishing is a folk remedy where oil  is “swished” or “held” in the mouth. Oil pulling is an old age Ayurvedic practice (Hindu traditional medicine) which originated in India and has now gone mainstream and is used to minimize bacteria growth.

When I was first introduced to Oil Pulling I was given a list of oral benefits, but after carefully researching this technique, I now know that this method has even greater healing properties than I was first told.

Benefits of Oil Pulling:

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The Benefits of Lemon Water

lemon water

Greetings Surrender Fast Family,

I hope all is well and that you are continually surrendering to Gods’ will and plan for your life.

At Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries we believe God is calling His people to a healthier life style–one day at a time. Therefore, each week we’ll be providing information that will be beneficial to your diet.

This week we’re discussing the top 10 benefits of drinking lemon water. Continue reading

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The Health Segment: Year in Review

Hello Surrender Fast Family!

I’m doing a Year in Review of our Health Segment for the month of December. I’m taking a look back at some of our greatest health finds. Enjoy!


The Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon


Here’s a surprising find. According to health scientist a combination of honey and cinnamon can cure most diseases.

Wow! I was so astounded by the benefits of this blended concoction and all that it can do naturally (i.e., without the aid of medications) that I had to share. Continue reading

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