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Surrender Your Diet

Hello All,

I am excited to announce that Dr. Celeste Owens Ministries is the host for the “Surrender Your Diet” seminar  on August 24. Currently I am at a conference with Stephanie to become a Natural Health Educator. I will share some of what I learned at this seminar. I can’t wait! If you would like a preview of what is to come visit the Dr. Celeste Owens Facebook page.

Also, Rev. Anika Wilson Brown will share her year-long journey of surrendering her diet. She is one of the great thought-leaders of our time. You won’t want to miss what God will say through her.

Lastly, our panel of diverse and seasoned fasters will share their expertise on how you can succeed in the area of diet. Get excited your deliverance is on the way and you will be made whole! God isn’t expecting perfection in diet; He just wants you to be excellent as you excel in His presence. Surrender Your Diet will empower you to do just that.

Hope to see you there! The early bird discounted price of $39. ends August 10 so register today.

Diet Flyer3

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The Power of Purging

All week I will be hanging out with Pastors Mike and Tanya Trotter on the iPray Project discussing The Power of Purging. This morning I gave the back story behind the Surrender Fast.

In 2010 God called me to leave all that I knew, everything that gave me a sense of fulfillment, to be home with Him. I wasn’t a happy camper, but God had a plan. During that time He purged me of wrong behaviors and thoughts that were keeping me stuck. When His work was done, He moved me forward with a little book called The 40-Day Surrender Fast under my belt.

This year–2013–feels like a repeat of 2010. I sensed in my spirit that God was about to do something amazing, but first He needed to purge me of some wrong  behaviors and thoughts that were holding me back from fulfilling His awesome plan. Continue reading

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