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As One Fast Ends, Another Begins

This Sunday marks the end of 40 days of surrender and the beginning of the 21 days of financial responsibility ‪#‎61Days‬.

Let’s celebrate this milestone together at Potomac Adventist Bookstore where I’ll present on the topic “You are Released.” Ooh wee, the Lord has placed a word in my spirit that I think will bless your socks off. This is your time–you are released, BUT there are some conditions to the MANIFESTATION of your release…let’s talk about it.

Register for this life-changing event on Facebook or just simply show up. I look forward to our time of fellowship.


P.S. Michelle Singletary’s book is at this bookstore too if you still need to get your copy. We start The 21 Day Financial Fast Monday, July 7!


Register via Facebook

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Welcome to 61 Days of Fasting!


If you haven’t heard First Baptist of Glenarden is hosting a 61 Day time of fasting and prayer. Join us!

Fasting will bring you closer to God and His plan for your life. As the Word tells us some things only come through fasting and prayer.

All you need to get started are copies of The 40-Day Surrender Fast by Dr. Celeste Owens and The 21 Day Financial Fast by Michelle Singletary.

Start your Day 1 by Thursday, May 29 and you will be right on track!

Join us on Facebook or click the link below to follow this blog.


Please comment below to share how the Lord is blessing you during your time of surrender.

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

Testimony from Kimberly Dennis:

Its only day 2 and I feel a special kind of peace! God has already started working. Last night I had a dream that caused me to evaluate another area in my life… Dr. Celeste said it best…if you give him one thing he will begin to work in other areas and its only day 2…WOW! ‪#‎Thankful‬ ‪#‎Surrender61‬

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61 Days of Fasting


The First Baptist Church of Glenarden Bible Study is fasting for 61 DAYS starting May 27 first with The 40-Day Surrender Fast (Dr. Celeste Owens) and ending with The 21 Day Financial Fast (Michelle Singletary).

This will be a power time of deliverance from strongholds and freedom from financial debt.

Join the 61 Days of Fasting FB group (Hosted by Dr. Celeste Owens).

Here are other important details:

May 27, 2014
Day 1 – The 40-Day Surrender Fast (required reading)
That evening Dr. Celeste Owens will teach the FBCG Bible Study (7pm EST). Watch online:

June 3, 2014
Dr. Celeste Owens will teach the FBCG Bible Study (7pm EST). Watch online:

July 8, 2014
Day 1 – The 21 Day Financial Fast (required reading)



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