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“Give Thanks!”

Give thanks
With a grateful heart
Give thanks
To the Holy One
Give thanks
Because He’s given
Jesus Christ, His Son
And now let the weak say
“I am strong”
Let the poor say
“I am rich”
Because of what the Lord
Has done for us
Give thanks

Happy Thursday!!!

To listen to this weeks song for meditation, Click on Give Thanks by Janella Salvador

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Step Away from the Antiperspirants


You’re out of the house for the day, at work, running errands, or just enjoying the beautiful creation that God has made. Half way through the day you remember you’ve forgotten something……deodorant! Immediately panic kicks in and that tell-tell tingling sensation under the arms and perspiration begins.

It’s amazing that until that point you were fine however, the moment your omission is recognized, your body struggles to maintain composure.


Sweat is just the body’s way of regulating its temperature. Thankfully, sweat itself is odorless, it’s the bacteria under the arm and in other places where hair is present that causes the body odor.

Armed with this knowledge maybe you’ll think twice before picking up a bottle of antiperspirant deodorant.

What? No antiperspirant deodorant?

I know, it sounds crazy but guess what? Dr. Celeste hasn’t used deodorant since July 12 and is reporting an odor-free experience! She did this because she felt God calling her away from antiperspirants.

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