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Enough is Enough: It’s Time to Conquer Your Fear of Rejection

I hate rejection and to varying degrees we all do. However, some are people are better at it than others. Case in point, my sister-in-law Latricia, will ask anyone for anything. Her motto is, “All they can say is no.” That’s my point exactly. They can say is no and that’s why I avoid asking. But my stance isn’t biblical and for the last seven months God has been instructing me to reject rejection. In other words, to not fear rejection.

Last summer God directed me to send the Surrender Fast devotional to people of influence. I generated a list and got to mailing. This is not typically my style, I like people to find me, but if God was asking me to do it He must have a plan!

The first few thanks-for-the-book, I-hope God-blesses-you notes were tolerable, but after 10+ rejection letters it was all getting to be a bit much and last Sunday it culminated in me having one big pity-party:

God where are you in all of this?! I look desperate. You could make them support this book. So why aren’t you?  Continue reading

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