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Testimony from Lisa (Cycle 3)

At the start of this fast I prayed to be more submissive in my marriage, financial blessing to be debt free, and to hear more from God.

1)      Submission – I have learned to submit. While on this fast I read in the Bible that God said “when you submit to your leaders you are submitting to me and obeying me”. That was an eye opener.

2)      Financial explosion – I began paying off all my debt at the beginning of the year. I was stuck with two judgments that were on my credit report.  I received out of the blue a check from my parents for $7000 as a gift!!!!! This allowed me to pay off two outstanding JUDGEMENTS on my credit report. Further, we were blessed with $1500. from someone paying my husband and I back, which we were not expecting. During this fast we received over $8,000 unexpected!!!! And finally, my parents told me on YESTERDAY that they knew we were looking to buy a new home and to let them know the closing costs!!!!!! I am humbly thankful.

3)      God’s voice – I know the small still voice of God, but I would not take heed, but now the voice is loud and clear and my senses are wide awake to his promptings. While on this fast I did not drink any alcohol. I was a social drinker but I heard God say let it go. But I was like it’s only sociably, and God said let it go. Last night I threw away a bottle of Jamaica Rum Cream from Jamaica that I got from a co-worker on the first day of the fast. I put it up and could not wait until Oct 27th! But last night I had no desire for it and threw it outside in the trash to be sure it would be picked up with the next day’s trash.

Thank you Lord!!!

Oh and I received a promotion which took my salary up $20,000!!!

Dr. Celeste, and your team I am humbly thankful for your guidance, your prayers, and YOU obeying your call. Thank you very much. Thank you Lord!

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Testimony from Wilma (Surrender Fast – Cycle 3)

This was my first 40 day Surrender Fast.  In my life it has been hard for me to do a fast, I never finish it and for the first time in my life I finished! I did the whole thing and I’m so grateful to you and God for being there for me.

Because of the fast I was feeling the need to go back to church.  So I decide to go back to  church, posted it on Facebook and to my Surprise my daughter emailed me and told me “not to go back to that church were they humiliate me and treat me bad”.   I was amazed and confused until she express her good feelings about the church that I use to go to The Montgomery Church of Christ (MCOC).  When I first move to Maryland I attended that church and liked it. But I lost myself when my baby died.  I was going through so much and I became depressed.  But the church was wonderful. One of the ex-members of that church invited me to go to a Spanish church because I am Hispanic and I never felt the same again. My daughter never liked any church just MCOC and she told me that if I go back to MCOC that  she will go with me once in a while.  I started to praise God and cry I was amazed, happy and excited. OMG! Too many emotions because every time I talk about God she has an attitude and look at her now, she wants to go.

And that’s not all. Last night I was doing my Surrender Fast Journal and my granddaughter said, “Nana I want to be like you. She ask me for a notebook and she started reading her Kid’s Bible that I had gotten her and writing down what she was feeling.  I give the glory to God. Things are happening all because I decided to follow Jesus.  I love him so  much and I thank God first  and then you and Maria White who introduced me to the 40 Day Surrender Fast.  God Bless you.

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Cycle 3 (Wk 6) – Who are You Really?

Today marks our last week together for Cycle 3 of Surrender 2012. My how the time has flown; I hate to see it end. But as one season ends another begins and I know that God has great things in store for you!

Our theme this cycle has been “Who’s Building Your House?” The scriptural reference comes from Psalm 127:1 which reads, “Unless the Lord builds a house, he works in vain who builds it.”

This week we are focusing on a very important room in our houses: the room that houses our Integrity. Continue reading

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Cycle 3 (Wk 5) – Live Your Truth

Welcome to Week 5 of Cycle 3! Not much longer; keep on surrendering.

What is your truth? Take it from me, it’s easy to say you believe one thing, but what you really believe is demonstrated through your actions.

For most of my life being ME had been a struggle. To compensate for my perceived deficit, I became all things to all people (and not in a good way like Paul described in I Corinthians 9). Thankfully, a couple of years ago I decided to just be me. Continue reading

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Cycle 3 (Wk 4) – The Anatomy of a Dream

I received a great question this morning from Alicia. She writes, “Are dreams and goals different? I consider myself to have goals, like pay off my mortgage in 15 years but no real dreams.”

The answer is yes, although the difference between a dream and a goal can be subtle. According to Time Thoughts: Resources for Personal and Career Success, “Dreams are your ultimate destination, while goals are the intermediate stops along the way. Dreams represent what you want and why, while goals represent your plan to get you there.” Continue reading

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The Perfectionist: The Big Unravel

I use to have it all together, or so I thought.

From the outside I looked perfect: lots of clothes, impeccable make-up, several college degrees, a great boyfriend with money, and a life filled with fun.

In reality I was in debt, I wore make-up to cover acne, my boyfriend was married, and I drank way too much. Eventually, it all unraveled and I hit rock bottom. Thankfully, I came to the end of me and the beginning of God.

If you get nothing else from the blog hear this: GOD MUST BE THE CENTER.

In the past, I was the center and it got me nowhere. Ps 127:1 reads, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.” Our greatest plans pale in comparison to God’s. And when we attempt to build our own lives we fail.

You may be unraveling right now: rocky marriage, dependence on drugs/alcohol, blatant disobedience to God’s will, lonely, and near rock bottom. Well this is the time to surrender it all; God knows how to make it all right. I’m a living proof of that. And now that I have surrendered and made Him my center, it has all fallen in place.

The life I am experiencing in the present would have been non-existent without my FULL surrender. Don’t you want to live abudantly? Than give it all to God.

If you need help surrendering please join us for Cycle 3 of Surrender 2012. In less than 30 days hundreds of us will fast and pray for 40 days. All you need to be part of this experience is a copy of The 40-Day Surrender Fast and a phone line. Each day we will gather, via conference call, for a time of pray.

Won’t you be a part of this great move of God? He desires to know you intimately and show you His better plan for your life. I pray you will join us!

With God all things are possible,
Dr. Celeste

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