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Find Success in Your Obedience!

Good News Thursday!!!

To listen to this weeks song for meditation, Click on Have Your Way by Casey J. Ft Jason Nelson

Have you ever thought about what mind frame certain people in the Bible must have had to succeed and complete their God purpose?


Moses, and the Israelites deliverance out of Egypt. (Exodus 14)

Abraham and his strong belief that God would make his descendants innumerable. (Genesis 26:4)

David’s belief that he would one day be king in spite of Saul’s numerous death threats. (1 Samuel 19)

John the Baptist humble way of paving the way for Jesus. (Matthew 3)

Jesus’ death on the cross. (Matthew 27:32-56)

and countless others.

Read Hebrews the 11th chapter. (aka The Hall of Faith or God’s Hall of Fame)

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Now or Later: Being in Tune with God’s Timing

Is timing an issue for you? It certainly has been for me.  God speaks a promise to me and like a crazy woman I get to figuring how I can make it happen. But now I’m finally learning to slow down and ask the all important question: Is that a right now word and a foreshadowing of what is to come?

You, too, should be in the regular habit of asking yourself that very important question as it is critical to you understanding God’s timing. As we often forget God exists outside of time, so for Him when He speaks, it is so. When Moses asked God who he should say sent him, God simply replied tell them, “I AM that I AM” (translated from the Hebrew phrase ehyeh asher ehyeh). Which can also be stated: I was, I am, and I shall always be! See what I mean, outside of time. Therefore exercising wisdom and discerning God’s timing accurately is crucial.

In 2010 I sensed that Lord telling me that entire congregations would do the Surrender Fast. In my zeal I hastily began connecting with Senior Pastors hoping they would do the fast Jan. 1. 2011. I sent letters, made phone calls, mail complementary books and after ALL that work not one Pastor decided to do the fast. Continue reading

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