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Holiday FunDay!!!

Quick Tip Monday!!!

Still basking in the thrills of the Thanksgiving turkey?

Well, now that Thanksgiving has come and gone once again what’s next?

Here are a few things you can do to get you prepared.

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What Are You Doing With Your Hands?

Good News Thursday!!!

To listen to this weeks song for meditation,Β Click on If We Are The Body by Casting Crowns

There’s a child who is hungry.

There’s a mother who feels helpless.

There’s a Father who’s experiencing the difficulties of not being able to provide for his family.

In today’s world and with the economy being what it is, there are many people who are in need.

They need your prayers, your encouragement and your funding.

With there being so many opportunities and places to give, it can get overwhelming trying to figure out who to give to.

Well Here’s a thought……

Why not start with your community?

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