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Are You Getting Enough Potassium?

Hey Guys,

During pregnancy it was such a joy carrying my son. Making sure that he was healthy was the most important thing to me.

I did everything I was suppose to do to ensure a safe and healthy delivery which included prayer. Thankfully my son came into this world bright-eyed, beautiful, strong and healthy.

Ironically, I had done so much to care for him, but neglected myself. About a month or so after his birthed I began to experience bouts of numbness in my legs. In fact, I was waking up every night unable to sleep due to the tingling in my legs.
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Step Away from the Antiperspirants


You’re out of the house for the day, at work, running errands, or just enjoying the beautiful creation that God has made. Half way through the day you remember you’ve forgotten something……deodorant! Immediately panic kicks in and that tell-tell tingling sensation under the arms and perspiration begins.

It’s amazing that until that point you were fine however, the moment your omission is recognized, your body struggles to maintain composure.


Sweat is just the body’s way of regulating its temperature. Thankfully, sweat itself is odorless, it’s the bacteria under the arm and in other places where hair is present that causes the body odor.

Armed with this knowledge maybe you’ll think twice before picking up a bottle of antiperspirant deodorant.

What? No antiperspirant deodorant?

I know, it sounds crazy but guess what? Dr. Celeste hasn’t used deodorant since July 12 and is reporting an odor-free experience! She did this because she felt God calling her away from antiperspirants.

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Cycle 5 of Surrender 2013 Begins February 18!

Reminder: Start the Pre-Fast Preparation chapters no later than Monday, February 11. These are the first 5 chapters of The 40-Day Surrender Fast. Visit for more information and to order your copy of the book.

Surrender Fast - Lent


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